Recent Changes

AUG 29:  Triumphest Information Booklet is available for download.                 

Aug 26: Handy Information -- See below                                                                   

AUG 06: The Radisson Hotel will hold for Triumphest use any  rooms within     the Triumphest block that come available from an unplanned cancellation.  Go to "contact us" and send an email if you wish to be placed on a waiting list.

AUG 01: The Radisson Hotel is sold out.  The Santa Maria Inn will honor          Triumphest room rates if room availability permits.

JUL 11: EVENT ADDED --  Caravan drive to and tour of MOSS              MOTORS.

JUN 06: Events Calendar updated.  Triumph Movie Night page            added.  Moonlight Drive page/flier added.

APR 16: AUTOCROSS event times have changed.  The new times        are 9am- 1pm. Please plan on competing between those hours. The day is still Friday.

MAR 09: BULLETIN BOARD page added.  Trying to reply to an email address that was rejected by the receiving server prompted addition of this page.

FEB 14: Autocross start time revised from 8:00am to 9:00am.  Tech Session information pages added.

FEB 03: The mail-to address was incorrect. If you downloaded your registration form between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Sunday Feb 03, please download the corrected version and use the new address. Sorry for the inconvience.


  • Triumphest registration is now open on a print and mail basis.
  • Regalia pictures may not be exactly as they were before this update.
  • The events schedule is  not set in concrete, check back occasionally and before departure for Santa Maria.

Eagle Eye

If you see a discrepancy please let us know!

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Radisson Venue

 RELAX- the distances can be measured in feet! The car wash is on the right side of the hotel as you face it. Event and Funcours parking will be by groups and are across the street from the hotel, as is Funkhana. Truck/Trailer parking is along the street opposite the hotel.  No parking on the hotel side of the street. Autocross is behind the hotel on the airport tarmac. Please do not try to walk into autocross using the driveway entrance.There is a door, close to the fitness room at the back of the hotel, that, with Triumphest ID, allows pedestrian traffic to the Autocross paddock area.   Please do not try to access autorcross in any manner without proper Triumphest ID.  We're dealing with TSA and insurance regulations that must be observed. 



We believe parking our Triumphs by model groups- TR6's together, Spitfires together, etc. will enhance the fun. The diagram above shows the group placement. There may be adjustments between now and the start of Triumphest, so get up to the minute details at registration. 



 Triumphest registration will be in the lobby between the hotel front desk and the Atrium Bistro.  Vendor displays will be just to the right in the Columbia room. Both the Hospitality Party and the Awards Banquet will be in the Enterprise Room. Raffle prizes will be in the Discovery Room and the photo/model contest entries will be in the Atlantis Room,  Lastly, the Challenger Room will have all the tech sessions. 

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